What’s this all about?

Hi! My name is Tara.


I started a science blog to get more experience in writing and explaining science to the general public in a fun and interesting way. I like to write about science news and climate change and while adding some of my odd humour to the mix.

I hope you like it.

Born in Dublin in 1987 to a fantastic mum and two adorning grandparents, I was encouraged to do anything and everything I was interested in. At one stage I thought I could make a career out of dancing with tennis rackets, needless to say, it never took off.

Leaving school in 2005, I knew science was the way to go. I started off in Chemistry and Geology in UCD but it wasn’t until I moved to Maynooth that I really began to show my colours. I started an environmental society in 2008 and became a volunteer for Friends of the Earth. Writing articles for the college mag, press releases and newsletters opened my eyes up to the world of writing.

Hopefully I’ll make a career out of this some day.

Peace out,

Ms. Spark x

Things I like:

Learning science while drinking beer.. can't be missed!

The only reason I look forward to Monday

It's got everything I need on it.

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