Damn you Bonn!

Is it just me or is dealing with the Climate Negiotiators a lot like having a delequent child?

You think you they he has learned his lesson, because he has manipulated you buy acting very sorry for putting the dog in the washing machine again and so the next time you get furious at him he replies with “you never said I couldn’t put the cat in the washing machine”

GAH!! Does it NEED to be spelled out!?!

Ok i’m not very good at creating metaphors and no, the UN Climate Change negiotators are not passing a motion to allow domestic pets to be placed in washing machines.. but like a some irritating teen that seems to just enjoy pissing you off, they are creating cheats and loopholes that gets them out of doing their homework.

They only have one simple assignment and that is to agree to a legally binding law to reduce the developed nations carbon emissions 40% by 2020. Instead, they are dancing around the subject and trying desperately to look like like they are making these big cuts, cunningly though, these cuts may not have to come from their country at all the we will see that it is the developing countries that are left with a lot of burden.

Rich Nations increase emissions

The origin if these loopholes in emission tarkets is in the carbon market. This is the trading of carbon credits from developing countries to developed countries in exchange of finance. This allows developed nations to buy carbon from countries that wouldn’t necessaryly require it and so developed nations can carry on polluting with out exceeding their carbon emissions.

With this idea in mind the Soviet Union and Ukraine are claiming back the credits that they earned during the Soviet economic crash they had in the 1980’s and with other eastern european countries are looking to sell these credits on to rich nations.

Didn’t we have some kind of economic issue back then too? Surely we should be able to sell the carbon credits we purely wasted during the settlement period in 8000BC?

Now we have the loophole that is going to derail all efforts to globally reduce our carbon emissions called OFFSETTING – a market based solution.

The main problem is vertification, how much carbon credits are being sold and so much how carbon are these developing countries allowed use. We don’t know and so these countries can carry on polluting.

“I’ll take 10% of your air there, what does that come to?”


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