The hat that tells your story….

With the Inspiration form Sir Jolt, I decided to look through my hat collection to see what I had gathered over the years.. turns out they hold a load of memories, who needs diary entries when you’ve got hats!!!

The source of the blue chord hat is unknown to me, however I used to wear it with a tiny blue dress (was actually a top) when I was a young ‘un and it went quite well. It reminds me of my friend Lenny’s birthday party at was at with friends. A lot of funny things happened that night 🙂

The red and back scarf hat was got in Krakow on Wawal hill on our way to the castle. Amy also got one and we were very happy with ourselves. Also got the best coffee ever on that hill… I miss it 😦 We were on an interailing trip that summer and Krakow was our favourite place. We ended up in a russian bar at 5am pissed on really cheap vodka, dancing on an empty stage to the stooges then ending up in an argument about the troubles in the North…. wierd night.

The Green Russian hat was bought by Jane in a skate shop on South William Street. It started as just a regular shopping day, Jane wanted some skate shoes and also saw this hat which was very cute.. as she was paying for these items she noticed the guy behind the til drinking something very attractive. Turns out with was a Long Island Ice Tea he got in the cocktail bar next door.. so off we went to get ourselves a Long Island. One long island down and the lip piercing I got that day was beginning to numb.. another one was suggested and Jane headed to the bar. 5 minutes latter a giddy Jane arrived back at the couch with two Long Islands and a guilty look on her face “these are from the guys in the skate shop” SAVAGE!! free cocktail… or should I say cocktails! Before we finished that one another arrived at the table.. and then another, we couldn’t handle it.. TOO much cocktail and the guys wanted us to stay there until after shift. We agreed.. well we couldn’t really saw no and I couldn’t feel my face nevermind my lip! Bottles of cornonas started hitting our table and we were taking more bathroom trips than felt comfortable.. we were in no state to stay… we were WASTED! So with the 3 full bottles of Corona left, shoved them in my bag and we ran for it.. Escape!! We decided to go for food at pizza stop to sober up but when we got there.. lets just saw we didn’t hold the finest table etiquette, I presuaded Jane to leave and go home to bed and I paid for the bill and left. On my way there I found some nice polish men to give my coronas to out of my bag… lime in them and all! Sadly unknown to me Jane fell asleep at the bus stop and didn’t get home for some time.. nice hat though!

Got the hard hat at the base of Auckland bridge on our way to go bungy… a bit brave for a person afraid to cross bridges ya think… you’re right! I cried the whole way up and back and screamed everytime someone jumped off the bridge, their eyes were BLOODSHOT for christ sake!! I was in Auckland for 3 weeks volunteering for a tree conservation project, the country was beautiful and I met great people, including Marc who told me a very sick story to get my mind off the staggering heights in the bridge!

The little blue dog hat came from my housemate Marc who went for a weekend away, all the other housemates got an animal hat… very cute ❤ This hat reminds me of moving into Maynooth with my best friends. We had the best time together. The house was freezing, we had two african neighbours who lived in a small granny flat next to us.. some burgulars smashed through our walls, we burnt one of the electric rings on the cooker while trying to warm ourselves up that evening, we moved the couch into the kitchen for comfort… the list goes on!

The rasta hat came from Darragh who went to Boston on a sking trip with school… was a lovely thought! We were great friends while in school, reminds me of when we were young and foolish.. i’m still foolish 😀

My granny bought me a black beret for christmas because I wouldn’t stop asking. I loved it and wore it all the time… My gran is my bestest friend in the whole world… she reminds me that no matter how old you get, you raise a family but that doesn’t mean you gain any responsibilty. She loves to laugh, we danced together when I was a kid, she makes the nicest chicken.

The Green Beret was another present from Darragh.. i think! 🙂

The grey hat was a present from The Roost.. when I say present I mean steal. Reminds me of working rediculously horrible shifts in the Roost with Katie. We worked really hard so we deserved a present i.e stuff we found while cleaning.. these were mostly hats or cardigans. It was noted that most of the cardigans left behind were a size 14.. very annoying, why didnt any skinny bitches leave their shit behind?? This habit kinda followed us outside The Roost.. to stealing underware from Tesco at 4.30a.m 😀 it was an accident…however one night after a thursday night shift in the roost we decided to do a ‘middle of the night’ shop in Tesco with our tips.. not bother with bags and just take the trolly home.. we got caught!! Katie and myself flirted with the security guard to get rid of him.. it didn’t work so we got a taxi home then got drunk… 😀

The purple hat was another present from the Roost, wore this one a lot! Reminds me of walking to college WAAYY too late and going on study dates with Terence and Katie… we did not study! We ate sweets and took photos of ourselves haha!

London hat is from LONDON!! Jane bought one for me and Katie. This hat reminds me of Jane, living in Killorglin and cycling to work in the morning. It keeps my ears warm on my cycle… best hat ever. Going to London next weekend for Halloween with Katie… Can’t wait!!

So there it is my life story in the form of hats.. many more hats to come!!


One response to “The hat that tells your story….

  1. You have a lot of hats….

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