Jane and Tara’s Trip Cross-Country!

A loop around the whest.

A loop around the whest.

Number of hours of Travel: 10.5 hours from Killorglin to Roscommon and 13.5 hours return,

24 Hours in total!

Number of hours of Camping: 13 hours (9 was spent slepping off the the travel tiredness)

Number of Buses: 10

Number of Hitches: 1 (nice Lady from Tulsk 🙂 )

Number of Taxis: 1

Miles of walking: 5-6 in torrential rain.

Amount of money spent on buses: €227

Amount of money spent altogether (inc. food/campsite): €280

Cities and towns we ended up in:

Killarney (twice)

Limerick (twice)

Galway (twice)






Diet: Pasta, Easy-singles, Wraps, Jagermiester and Millar (Jane also bought us sweets for the bus 🙂 )

Injuries: Nettle stings, (is cold an injury?) and sore arses

Number of times we said shit hole : countless

Number of shit holes: countless


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