What one may put up with for an ole degree..

So as many of my friends know, I am currently in a 6 month work placement in a Pharmaceutical company in the wonderful town called Killorglin, a couple of miles outside Killarney which is more than a couple of miles outside of Dublin. My best friend moved down before me and had the house ready for when I got there.. could I ask for more?

However excited I was about getting experience in the field of chemistry and actually earning some cash unlike many of my unfortunate friends this summer, things are not really what I expected.

I had plenty of training before I was allowed enter the lab but my first encounter was not with the cyanide, nor any aromatic chemicals… it was with the sink and the milli Q water tap (the water didn’t even have any chemicals in it!!!)

Chemists told the girl that was training me what to do and she showed me the ropes until I was able to handle it all by myself. We cleaned glassware, put liquid into beakers (they probably needed to be cleaned after) then we turned on a machine or two. Believe me! It can be demanding, I just don’t see where the experience comes in… I get it, glassware should be clean or else people will die! But it doesn’t take a scientists to roll his/her sleeves up.. and I almost am one.

However unappreciative I am of this job.. it has its upsides. I work in a warm lab with people who tend to get very tense when the work load is high and I have no idea what they are saying to me. Ciaran speaks in his thick Galway accent “Tara! did you set up a bath for me there?” Tara hears : “Tarh! d’ya like mu hair?” This often ends up with me looking at him funny and laughing. He’s stares blankly at me, repeats the sentence 3 or 4 more times and then I get to work.

When things go wrong, its the student’s fault. Tanks over flowing, glassware breaking, systems failing. I find it odd that people in the workplace don’t like to admitt they made a mistake and let a poor student take the hit.. but mweh!

There are other good things about working in Kerry, you always know when the next GAA match is, Cork lads are the best craic apparently and everyone hates fuckin’ Dubliners hah 😀 So lets fuck their shit up!


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