Time to become a blogger methinks….

Well everyone else is doing it?

To start off, I’m going to write a little bit about me. I’m a UCD drop-out come NUI Maynooth science student. My life has been changing for the better since then and without haste. I spent the last year living with my best friends, going to few lectures and doing a lot of dossing.. Well when myself and Katie weren’t spending those long nights working in the Roost.. never again Katie.. never!

Anywho, as part of my degree, I have a 6 month work placement in a Pharmaceutical company in the back arse of no-where… yes, you guessed it, Kerry! Thankfully Janey, the saint, moved down with me so I wouldn’t get lonely and do myself in, in some scenario involving cows, gin and some matches…

That kinda brings me up to the present. Terence and Katie have visited us as well as the wonderful Marcus, who kept Jane company while I was examing it up. (oh I passed by the way! Pweeh!). I’ve being going to work everyday then I come home to the girls attacking me with water balloons proceeding to an impromtu indoor water-fight. Anyway, will keep you updated on my version of the shananagans.. nevermind what the others say 🙂

I just looked up what shanagans actually means and its when people act annoyingly or inappropiately and the example given is:

“Man, I’ve had about enough of Alice’s shananaganry, she’s been putting limes in everyones cokes ALL night!”

haha! Alice is such a bitch.

Also will be blogging about my green epiphanies, and how I’m going to save the planet! 🙂



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